3-Month Subscription

A 3-month subscription is a perfect introduction to our homily writing services. For the next three months, you’ll have all the resources you need to deliver an inspiring message that will help your congregation grow in the grace and knowledge of our savior, Jesus Christ.

Our homily resources are complete sermons that have compelling themes and lessons that fully encompass the Gospel readings of the week. For those pastors and deacons with active and growing congregations, you will have with everything you need to strengthen your message and nurture your congregation.

How it Works

  1. After you purchase your subscription and establish your account, you will have access to our member portal. From there, you can download the sermons for the month to your computer.
  2. Our homily files are distributed in a Microsoft Word format so that you can easily edit and personalize the sermon according to your preferences and preaching style. Rest assured, all of our resources are entirely faithful to the Scriptures and abide by the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  3. Around the 21st of each month, you will receive a notification inviting you back to download our newly created homilies for the following month.
  4. Two weeks before the end of your subscription period, you will receive an email to notify your subscription is about to renew. If you are happy with our services, great! Your subscription will renew automatically. However, if you decide our service is not right for your needs, or you would like to upgrade to a more extended period, you can utilize the cancellation option in your account page to accomplish those tasks.

If you decide to join today, we’ll also include homilies for all Feast Days and Holy Days of Obligation at no additional charge! Our subscribers love this service, and many of them have continued to renew their subscriptions faithfully since we first launched our first website in 2011.