It’s not always easy to find words of comfort.

Often, we struggle for the right words to say when the unspeakable happens. If you are here because you are searching for help in writing a message of hope and healing that is not coming together naturally, we can help. Our funeral homilies are authentic, thoughtful, and will help grieving families feel understood as they process the loss of their loved one. You can use them as a complete, compelling reflection or as a unique starting point in crafting a beautiful and comforting message. Our homilies will get you started quickly and help you write a heartfelt caring message for a family who is going through their time of grief.

Catholic Online Resources provides a series of well written funeral homilies to assist those who minister at the time of wakes and funerals. Our funeral homilies cover a number of topics from the unexpected death of a child, to the loss of a parent to the tragedy of suicide or murder. Each funeral homily is thoughtfully written to help guide and comfort family and friends through their difficult time of sorrow.

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Why choose our funeral homilies?

Our funeral homilies come in Microsoft Word format so that you can easily edit and personalize the sermon according to your preferences and preaching style. They are completely faithful to the Scriptures and clearly abide by the teachings of the Catholic Church. Additionally, you don’t need to be a subscriber to enjoy our services. Our homilies can be purchased individually whenever there is a need. Best of all, our homilies are affordable so that you can come back again and again.

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