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Catholic Priests and Deacons rely on our work and perspective to elevate or enhance their weekly sermons. Our homilies are authentic, thoughtful, and well researched. Use them as a complete, compelling reflection of the gospel or as a unique starting point in crafting your personal message. Often, our customers tell us that our work has helped them to develop their “voice.” For us, that is especially gratifying and encouraging to hear.

If you have been searching for a better way to simplify your sermon preparation process, then try one of our homilies today!
They will help you write a powerfully insightful sermon that "sticks."

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Catholic Online Resources (COR) offers a homily writing service specifically designed to assist Catholic Priests, Deacons and Lay Preachers with their weekly sermons.

We believe the bible is the inspired word of God, an inexhaustible source of wisdom. Our mission is to make available powerful homilies that will inspire the faithful to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God by illustrating His infinitely beautiful and perfect love for us.

Each homily is poignantly written to help make an intimate, personal connection with your congregation. They're inspirational, concise and can be easily committed to memory. Also, you can rest assured in knowing that our work is completely faithful to the Scriptures and the Catholic Church's teaching.

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Help When You Need It Most

At Catholic Online Resources, you'll find homilies for every Sunday Catholic Mass of the year. For those times when, despite your best efforts, your busy schedule or unexpected interruptions keep you from finding time to properly prepare your homilies, or when you need a fresh idea for an upcoming sermon, Catholic Online Resources' homily service is here to help you deliver a relevant, high impact message.

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Our Latest Homily Releases For All Sunday Masses

The homilies below offer powerful insights into the weekly liturgy.
They can be utilized as a complete sermon, or choose parts and concepts to create your unique message.
Our work is 100% faithful to the Scriptures and abides entirely to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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Preaching to a congregation can be a daunting experience, especially for those who feel that they are not natural writers. Catholic Online Resources is here to help. When you become a subscriber, you can log into our download center on the 21st of each month and receive your homiletic resources for the upcoming liturgies of the following month. Why continue spending endless hours searching the internet for fresh ideas, when you can have your needs fully covered for less than $14.95/month!