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"Churches don’t want a good, human leader … they want superman. People expect their pastor to be a very dynamic and engaging speaker, a brilliant theologian, a top-gun ‘CEO’ to carry the church forward as an organization, a comforting, nurturing personal counselor to the people of the congregation, and prophetic social critic, and a prayer warrior. The expectations go on and on.

The expectations are not only unrealistic, they are in competition with one another. Every member of a church wants something different from that church, and thus they want something different from the pastor. And because the pastor is a spiritual figure, people often forget that he is just normal human being with the same capabilities and limits as anyone else. People expect a pastor to be a kind of super-hero because of the nature of their work. So pastors feel overwhelmed by the burden on them to meet the varied demands of a job that is out of control."

From: Mark Brouwer

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Preaching to a church congregation can be a daunting experience, especially for those who feel that they are not natural writers. Add in all of the pressing tasks that call for your attention during the week, and the stresses can become paralyzing. Catholic Online Resources is here to help. We are devoted to serving Priests and Deacons by providing homiletic resources that are clear and inspiring. Since 2008, our mission has been to assist ministers by helping them deliver a relevant, high impact message that connects with their congregations.

Our homilies are written just weeks before the actual date. They are relevant and touch upon current world events. The resources that you'll receive each month are delivered in a Microsoft Word format so that you can easily revise the work to suit your preaching style. Of course, all of our work is 100% faithful to the scriptures and fully abides by the Catholic Church's teachings.

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